From breathtaking nature and magnificent castles, to adorable old cities and amazing beaches – Europe simply has it all! The past few years Ollie and I have spent a lot of time both living and travelling to countries outside the continent that we call our home, but since we are now based right in one of the best cities for exploring the rest of Europe, we cannot help but feeling like taking advantage of this. Although we’ve now lived in Europe for pretty much 25 years, we’ve still got so much left to see and experience. Below are some of the places that we’re dreaming of getting to experience in Europe.

  1. See the Northern Lights
  2. Feed reindeers in the Finnish Lapland
  3. See the Berlin Wall, Germany
  4. Go dog sledding in Greenland
  5. Stand on the edge of Preikestolen in Norway [How to climb Pulpit Rock] [Watch me climb Preikestolen]
  6. Explore the ruins of Pompeii, Italy
  7. Go for a swim in the Mediterranean Sea [Summer in Nice]
  8. Walk through the streets of the Old Town in Krakow, Poland
  9. Experience the night life in London, England
  10. Walk through the streets of Prague
  11. Drive through the Highlands of Scotland
  12. See the Statue of David in Florence, Italy [24 hours in Florence]
  13. Cruise the fjords of Norway
  14. Go island hopping in Greece
  15. See the Matterhorn, Switzerland
  16. See Mona Lisa in Louvre, France
  17. See the Colosseum in Rome, Italy
  18. Drink a Guinness in Dublin, Ireland
  19. Meet Minnie and Mickey in Disneyland Paris, France
  20. Admire the views of Budapest
  21. Go to Oktoberfest in Germany
  22. Eat pasta and pizza in Italy [24 hours in Florence]
  23. Bike in the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark [Scandi adventures with an American]
  24. Explore Cinque Terre, Italy
  25. Hike through Tyrol, Austria
  26. Watch Paris from above at the Eiffel Tower, France
  27. Bike along the canals of Amsterdam, Netherlands [Living in Amsterdam]
  28. Visit Barcelona’s La Sagrada Família, Spain
  29. Sail in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro
  30. Drink beer in Belgium [24 hours in Brussels]
  31. Admire the architecture in St. Petersburg, Russia
  32. Experience a classical concert in Vienna, Austria
  33. Visit Dracula’s Castle in Romania
  34. Experience the balloon festival in Cappadocia, Turkey
  35. See Acropolis in Athens, Greece
  36. Visit the Anne Frank House, Netherlands [Living in Amsterdam]
  37. Explore the castles of Germany
  38. Go on a gondola ride in Venice, Italy [Beautiful Venice]
  39. Walk on the city walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia
  40. Go shopping in Milano
  41. Pose in front of the leaning tower in Pisa [Tourist traps in Pisa]
  42. Have a tomato fight in Spain
  43. Roadtrip Iceland
  44. See the tulips bloom in the Netherlands
  45. Walk through the Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia
  46. Ski in the French Alps [Visiting Ollie in Grenoble]
  47. Ride the trams of Lisbon, Portugal
  48. Explore the Sami culture in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Did we forget something? Leave your additions below!






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  1. Åh, jeg er med på dem allesammen! 😀 Og tilføjer også lige smuk natur på Færøerne og Mont Saint Michel i Normandiet (har faktisk været her i 8. klasse, men vil så gerne opleve det med Anders også!).

  2. Åh, hvordan kunne jeg dog glemme Færøerne? De står endda på min bucket list for i år 😛
    Mon Saint Michel er så smuk! Både Ollie og jeg har besøgt øen som børn, men jeg ville ikke have noget imod at besøge den igen engang (:

  3. Åh, jeg drømmer pt. om Amsterdam og Rom, og efter idag at have læst mine foto-dagbogs-indlæg på bloggen fra min decembertur til Budapest, er jeg helt rejsesyg 😀

    – A

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