March 3rd is already here and that calls a roundup of the 8th month of living in Amsterdam. Here’s what we’ve been up to!


// Last weekend was my 25th birthday as you already know and to celebrate, I took a few days off from work to go explore the city with my parents who were visiting. We actually managed to go visit new things, which was super nice for once, as most of the time we have people visiting we always go see the same attractions. We had some really nice days together, and I also got some pretty nice presents (I’m sharing a few of them here). 
// We’ve become parents! Not to an actual baby, but to two baby lovebirds. Since moving to Amsterdam I’ve really been missing having furry friends around, so Ollie decided to surprise me a few weeks ago with an early birthday present. Hands down the best present ever!
// Nikoline and Toke from Departdeux put me on their list of 10 Scandinavian travel blogs that you should follow. Thanks guys!
// We’ve had prober snow! And actually for a whole weekend. The day that Ollie surprised me with the baby birdies was also the day that Amsterdam was covered in beautiful fluffy snow. About time if you ask me!
// Yesterday we booked the tickets to go back to Denmark in June. Super excited to be back in my home country again! 
// One day during our time in Denmark, we will also be making a short day trip to Gothenburg in Sweden, which will be the first time that Ollie visits the country. 


// As you might remember from my last roundup, we shared that we would be visiting Ghent for a weekend with Ollie’s parents. Unfortunately that trip ended up being cancelled, but hopefully we will be able to visit the city another time soon. 

Quick numbers

Photos taken: 1250
Blogposts uploaded: 40 
Videos uploaded: 0 
Days away from Denmark: 243

The top 3 posts from month 8

1. Moroccan Memories: Thoughts from my first blogger trip
2. 25 travel experiences you should have before you turn 25
3. 6 warm places to escape to in winter

Goals for month 9

The past month we decided to take it slow and not travel as we had just gotten our baby birdies, who we wanted to stay home with. We still plan on doing that for the most of March, but we’re still hoping to be able to go away for a weekend trip or two. Antwerp will happen for sure, and then we’re still deciding whether we wanna go to Paris or maybe go down to Nice to see Olie’s grandparents. Apart from that, we don’t really have any plans for month 9, except from enjoying the arrival of spring in beautiful Amsterdam.

What are your plans for the month of March? 




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