2. marts 2017

Hey guys! It’s time for yet another beauty post here on Cammi.DK, this time about the insta famous rose highlighter from Lancôme’s spring collection Absolutely Rôse and another piece from the collection.

As you already know from my post about my birthday presents last year, it has kinda become a tradition that my parents give me a few things from the Lancôme spring look. It is no secret that Lancôme is my all time favorite beauty brand, and I love pretty much every single thing that they do, but their spring collection has to be my absolute favorite thing from them, and it’s hard not to go crazy and buy every single piece every year.

The first piece is the La Palette La Rôse, which is a beautiful palette with 6 eyeshadows, 1 lip base and 2 matte lip colors. The six eye shadows are in both matte and shimmer finished; 3 neutral shades, a shimmery silver shade and two beautiful shades in pink and a minty green. Perfect for adding a hint of color for a spring look. In the end of the palette there are two matte lip colors in a bright pink and a beautiful coral shade. These are meant to be used to create an ombre effect, but I’m sure they’ll also look awesome on their own, especially mixed with either winter pale skin or when you get a summer glow in a couple of months.

Now, the star of this collection is probably something you’ve already seen all over social media; the La Rôse Blush Poudrer, or blush highlighter. Encapsulated in a beautiful box, you get a brightening pinktoned highlighter, which is dispersed on a rose inside the box. There are quite mixed reviews of this highlighter all over the internet, but I absolutely love it! If you’re someone who wants to lighten and brighten your face, but without going overboard, this product is perfect. Now, don’t expect anything crazy that you’ll see on Instagram, such as the popular Becca highlighters. This highlighter is more lightening rather than brightening, as it contains less shimmer than most highlighters. Now, you might think that this will apply chalky, but when applied with the kabuki brush in the collection, it actually gives a perfect, even glow to your look. Great for both everyday, but also for going out, if you’re new to the world of highlighting. I’m a fan!

Have you had a chance to try out the Absolutely Rôse collection and what did you think?



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