How to conquer Huangshan Mt.

How to conquer Huangshan Mt.

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Before Ollie and I started planning our trip through China, I had been searching on Pinterest for some inspiration for some off the beaten path destinations. In my search, I came across Huangshan Mountain which is located a few hours from Hangzhou and Shanghai. Since we already wanted to visit these two cities, we of course couldn’t say no to experiencing China’s nature at its finest. We really enjoyed our trip, but I since I wasn’t able to find much information about the mountain, I thought I would share some of our tips, so that you can make the most of your visit, if you’re planning on going.

Getting there

By bus: Getting to Huangshan might be the worst part, and might scare some people from visiting the place. But this is starting to get slightly better. The main transportation at the moment are busses that run every 30 minutes from both Shanghai and Hangzhou. When asking for tickets, you wanna make sure to ask for either Tangkou or Tungxi, which are both considered to be Huangshan, but whereas Tangkou is located halfway up the mountain, Tungxi is about 1 hour by bus from the mountain.

By train: This summer, the speed train between Shanghai, Hangzhou and Huangshan was opened, which definitely makes the travel a lot more pleasant. As of today, there is only one train a day, so you definitely wanna make sure to book in advance. The train arrives in Tungxi, from where you can either choose to stay the night, or take the tourist busses to Tangkou.

Arriving in Tangkou: Once arriving in Tangkou, you need to take another bus to the cablecar. Once getting there, you will need to pay both admission fee for the park, along with the ticket for the cablecar. Make sure to ask for student discount to save some money, as the tickets are extremely pricey (230 RMB for admission and 80 RMB for a oneway ticket).
The ride with the cablecar takes about 30 minutes, and once you arrive in the mountain, it should be somewhat easy to find your hotel, as the area is really well signed.

A word of advice: If you’re arriving with suitcases or heavy luggage, you definitely wanna stay in Tungxi overnight, and leave your luggage in your hotel before going to the mountain. We were not aware of this, and ended up struggling with our heavy suitcases in both the cablecar and on the 3 km of stars before we arrived at our hotel in the mountains. Trust me, you don’t wanna experience this!
Also, as you can tell, the travel is very time consuming, so if you’re planning on going straight to the mountain, you definitely wanna leave as early as possible.


Where to stay 

I you’re planning on watching the sunrise (trust me, you don’t wanna miss out on that), then you should definitely consider staying in the mountain instead of Tangkou. There are tree major hotels in the mountains; Beihai Hotel* and Shilin Hotel* in Beihai Scenic Area, and Xihai Hotel* in Xihai Scenic Area. All of these hotels are extremely overpriced, and the quality is nothing that I would usually pick for a hotel, but the location is amazing, so I guess it justifies the price.
Also, you might wanna consider bringing your own food and drinks, as the stores and restaurants in the hotels are extremely expensive. We’re talking 5-6 times the price that you’ll find at the foot of the mountain.






The first night in Tungxi

Like i mentioned before, you definitely wanna stay in Tungxi the first night. We stayed at Huangshan Old Street Courtyard*, which is a really homely and authentic hotel located right at the Old Street in Tungxi. The Old Street is probably the only landmark of Tungxi, but definitely worth checking out. Really great food, and a very special atmosphere.



If you’ve ever stayed in Huangshan, then feel free to leave your tips! (: 


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