Hey guys. It’s been a while – 28 days to be exact…

Lately I’ve honestly not really been happy with my blog, so one month ago I decided to just step away from it to think about what to do with it. Ever since I started back in 2015, I’ve been having issues with figuring out what content I wanna bring out there. Should I write in Danish or in English, or should I skip the beauty content and only focus on travels?

The past month away from the blog has given me some time to really think it through and come up with an approach and several changes to the blog, which I believe will not only improve the blog, but also make it so much more enjoyable for you guys to visit, and for me to write.

The first of the changes that I’ve decided to do is that I’ll switch back to writing in Danish. Lately I’ve been feeling kind of left out from the Danish travel blogger community in many ways, and although I really appreciate you international readers, I really wanna bring back the “old” For the moment I will keep most of the English posts available to you guys, as I know many of you come here for the guides, but eventually they will all be moved (and improved) to a new site that I’m working on with Ollie. But more about that later.

I’ll keep this post very short and sweet, and tomorrow I’ll share with y’all (in Danish) what exactly you can except from And for you international readers, I got something even more exciting coming up in a couple of months’ time, so stay tuned!




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