Despite me having lived in Denmark pretty much all of my life, I really haven’t written that many posts about places to see and things to do if you’re visiting. And that is actually quite a shame, since it’s such an awesome country, and the rest of the world also seems to have noticed that now. So here’s my first actual guide to Denmark and my top 10 of things you have to do if you visit our beautiful capital for the first time.

1. Stroll along Nyhavn

Although this place is considered a tourist trap by many people, especially locals, there’s a reason why it’s one of the most visited places in Copenhagen. It’s simply hard not to fall in love with the colorful houses and the unique and lively atmosphere. 

2. Rundetårn

This is one of my favorite attractions in Copenhagen.  The old astronomical tower located on Strøget in inner Copenhagen is a 41.55 meter tall round tower, which gives you quite nice views over inner Copenhagen. But my favorite part is the way up. Since the tower is round, you’re literally gonna be walking in circles until you’re at the top, and on the way you’ll also walk by a kissing bench.

3. All the castles!

There are so many castles in Copenhagen that they could easily have a whole post dedicated to them. My favorites are the queen’s castle Amalienborg, Rosenborg in King’s Gardens, and Christiansborg which houses the government.  

4. Eat your heart out at Torvehallerne or Copenhagen Street Food

Torvehallerne and Copenhagen Street Food are two indoor food markets that are like a paradise for any food lover. Here you can find anything from traditional Danish hot dogs, pizza and porridge to more exotic dishes. If you’re gonna eat anything in Copenhagen (which you will have to eventually), it has to be here!

5. Shopping at Strøget

Strøget is a car free pedestrian shopping street in the middle of the city and one of the longest in the world. Here you can spend hours of shopping both high street and luxury, Danish and international brands.  

6. The Marble Church

The Marble Church, or Frederik’s Church was built around 1749 and is an incredibly beautiful church right at Amalienborg. The church actually has the biggest dome in Scandinavia, and if you’re not afraid of small spaces, you can actually walk literally underneath the ceiling of the dome to get access to some pretty incredibly views of the city from the tiny on the top of the dome. Just make sure not to do it on a hot summer’s day – lesson learned…

7. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Probably my favorite museum in Copenhagen. This fine-art museum houses antique Mediterranean sculptures and 19th century French and Danish works. But the real reason that you should visit the museum is the building itself. Possibly the most beautiful museum I’ve ever been to!

8. Take a canal tour

It’s not only in Venice or Amsterdam that you can experience the city from the water. I’d suggest that you take a canal tour just when you arrive in the city, so that you get a nice overview of the city, its attractions and a tiny bite of its history.

9. Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is the 2nd oldest amusement park in the world (number 1 is another one also in Denmark). No matter if you’re into rollercoasters or not, you gotta stop by Tivoli. It is one of the prettiest places I’ve been to – everywhere you go you see pretty buildings and beautiful flower decorations.

10. Langelinie & the Little Mermaid

Yeah, super touristy and some might even say disappointing, but I honestly don’t think you can say you’ve been to Copenhagen if you don’t stop by the Little Mermaid. Inspired by the fairytale by fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen (and not the Disney movie), the Little Mermaid is one of the most visited attractions in Copenhagen. Take a stroll on Langelinie and enjoy the views over the water and see the little lady sitting on her stone. I don’t know why but since I was a little girl, I’ve been obsessed with mermaids, so I absolutely love this little statue.

Have you already been to Copenhagen? What was your favorite experience in the city?




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