I was invited to Morocco by the Moroccan National Tourist Office
Two weeks ago, in November, I had my first experience with the African continent, when I landed in Morocco. As promised in yesterday’s post, today I will be sharing the first few snaps from my trip to Morocco in November. Enjoy!

When arriving in Marrakech airport, I must admit that I honestly had no clue what I was about to experience the next few days. I knew that I would be visiting the cities of Essaouira and Marrakech and that I would be joined by 9 other bloggers. But that was all I knew.
After exiting the airport, our group was met by our lovely guide, Mohamed, who would take us on a 3-hour drive to the coastal city of Essaouira. During the trip, we made a stop at a local producer of the Moroccan gold – organ oil, where we saw the process of making the oil. A few hours later, we arrived in Essaouira, and our first stop was Restaurant Taros, where we had awesome seafood for lunch (more like dinner) with the most beautiful view of the sea. Extremely tired from a long day of travelling (I had been up since leaving Amsterdam the day before), we decided to stay at our hotel the rest of the day to build up some energy to explore the city the day after.
Essaouira actually turned out to be many things that I didn’t expect from Morocco. Being a coastal city, Essaouira is highly depended on the fishing industry, and one of the main attractions and delicacies has to be the fish that is freshly caught by the fishermen in the morning. Sure, it still had the classic souks and piles of spices that you’d expect from Morocco, but while walking around the blue and white buildings and the harborfront, I honestly felt more like I had arrived in Santorini.
The day was spent strolling around the beach, the souk, the harborfront, and not to forget, the maze like streets, in which a quite impressive mural gallery was hidden. Late in the afternoon, after yet another delicious meal (more seafood), we got onto our van and headed back to explore Marrakech. But more about that next week!




Have any of you been to Essaouira before? Share your experience!





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  1. Sikke et dejligt indlæg, Camilla 🙂 kommer da helt til at savne Marokko, når jeg læser dit indlæg. Har nu ikke været i Essaouira men efter at have set alle dine fine billeder, skal det da overvejes så tak fordi du delte.

  2. Eeeeej, det ser dejligt ud. Havde selv tilmeldt mig turen, men måtte aflyse igen, da jeg fik fuldtidsjob. Øv øv, det havde ellers også været hyggeligt at møde nogle af jer andre rejsebloggere :))) Håber der bliver en anden gang <3

  3. Wow! Så skønt indlæg – jeg drømmer mig lige tilbage til Essaouira 🙂 Da vi var i Marokko i februar tog vi en endagstur dertil, og det er sådan en skøn by. Jeg var helt vild med de blå og hvide farver 🙂

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