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Another week has passed, and that calls for yet another weekly roundup. Here are my favorite things from the past week:

01. This week I hit a big milestone (for me at least), when I hit 2000 followers on Instagram! If you aren’t already, make sure to follow me around Amsterdam on @cammi_dk.

02. I’ve had the weekend off this week, which is much needed after several weeks of working on the Sunday. Yesterday we had a rather domestic day of food prepping, and hanging up these posters that I got sent from PAPAPAPA. Our little place is finally starting to feel like an actual home!

03. We cannot make a roundup of this past week without mentioning the outcome of the American presidential election. Having lived in the US in the past and still having friends there, I cannot help but feeling a bit sad and terrified for the future that the US and the rest of the world is facing. I will take this opportunity to share this quote by Ghandi, which a Danish youtuber shared this week. Wise words to live by these days!

04. As some of you may know, in the Netherlands they don’t have the “normal” Santa Claus, but Sinterklaas. Today we are celebrating him coming to town with a huge parade in the streets, and with me being the biggest Christmas fan, we obviously had to see it.

05. This week I’m also extremely excited to share that after two years of blogging, I’ve finally gotten the opportunity to go on my first press-trip. For my first press-trip I’ll be spending a few days in Marrakech and Essaouira with the Tourism Board of Morocco, which officially marks me visiting my fourth continent. Make sure to follow me on Instagram for updates on what we’re up to in Morocco.

5 links I’ve loved this week

01. With me still being quite a newbie in the world of travel blogging and blogging in general, I absolutely loved Wander-lust’s post on how to create a successful travel blog. Whether you’re hoping on being able to blog full-time at one point, or just wanna stick to it being your hobby, this post has some quite great tips for you.

02. Although there haven’t been many beauty related posts on here for a while, my obsession with makeup have decreased at all. Today I just realized that Lancôme has launched a new palette in their AUDA[CITY] range – AUDA[CITY] in London, and I’m crossing my fingers that this will end up under the Christmas tree this year.

03. Even though Olivier and I just moved to Amsterdam, we cannot help but dream about taking a gap year in the near future to travel around the world and explore all the places that all our friends saw while we both were spending our time studying. Anne-Li from Gowns and Roses is currently doing this with her boyfriend, and recently she published a roundup of their two months of being digital nomads. Cannot help but being a bit jealous at her right now 😛

04. This week I read this rather interesting article from Bright Side about young people preferring to invest their money in experiences, like travels, rather than on material things, like a car or a house. I can definitely relate to that!

05. In case you haven’t seen this video yet, I highly encourage you to! Without doubt the most intense two minutes filmed ever.

What are your favorite things from this week?





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