Today it’s been exactly one month since I left Denmark for the Netherlands. Those of you who’ve been around since I lived in Hong Kong last year might remember my monthly roundups with high- and lowlights of the past month. Since this is quite an awesome way to take a minute to reflect on the month that has passed, I thought I would bring this back for our time here in Amsterdam.


// Arriving in Amsterdam! Obviously the biggest highligt of month one has to be arriving to the place that Ollie and I will call our home for the next few years
// Getting the keys to the apartment! The day after arriving to the city I signed the contract to our new place and since then I’ve been working on making it feel like home.
// The parents visited! The first weekend in Amsterdam my parents and sister came to visit and helped me setting up a few pieces of furniture. We still got a long way to go, before it’ll actually feel like a home though.
// My sister stayed for a whole week! Although my parents only stayed for the weekend, my sister decided to stay for the whole week, which was so great. Apart from being there when I needed to set up things like personal security number, bank account, phone, internet, etc., we also got to explore some of the city together.
// First day at the new job! The reason why I moved to Amsterdam is that I landed a job at a major travel agency, which is based in the city. On July 18th I had my first day, and from the past two weeks of working there, I can already say that I’m gonna love it here!
// Ollie is here! On the 28th I headed back to the airport. Not because I was travelling somewhere myself, but because Ollie had decided to visit me for two weeks before he officially moves here in September. It’s so awesome and kinda surreal to finally have him here after four months apart, especially since we’re now only one month away from ending being in a long distance relationship and start being a normal couple.


Honestly, there hasn’t really been any lowlights this month. Apart from a few difficulties setting up internet and all the other essentials for the apartment, everything has went quite smoothly this first month.

Quick numbers

Photos taken: 252
Blogposts uploaded: 2 – yikes!
Videos uploaded: 0
Days away from Denmark: 30

Goals for month 2

The first month in Amsterdam has mainly been all about settling in – both in the city, the apartment, and the new job. There’s been so many boring practical things that I needed to focus on, rather than exploring the city. Month 2 is gonna be all about enjoying this beautiful city that I now call my home. Hopefully the weather will start getting better before fall hits the country.



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  1. Det lyder som en god start på dit Amsterdam-eventyr! Jeg glæder mig til at høre mere efter I har fundet jer til rette 🙂

    // Christa –

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