It’s time for yet another weekly roundup and this is without doubt one of the most exciting ones in a while!

01. Monday morning marked the end of five years in uni when I finally got to do my oral presentation for the master’s thesis that I’ve been working on this whole semester. Apparently everything went extremely well as I ended up leaving the exam with a 12 (A+) in my last ever university exam!

02. I celebrated this with a delicious lunch and a maybe even more delicious cake from Lagkagehuset later on with my family. My parents got me a beautiful necklace from ByBiehl, which is supposed to represent my degree in International Business Communication, but also my love for travel and the fact that I will be moving to a new country once again. Friday night we had a proper celebration with the whole family and a bunch of great friends, which definitely was the best way to end my graduation week and get a chance to say goodbye to everyone.

03. Wednesday I got a call from our real-estate agent in Amsterdam, who finally could tell us that Ollie and I will be moving into the most perfect apartment that a friend of ours went to view for us last week. Tomorrow morning I’ll get the key, and I cannot wait to show it to you guys!

04. Two of my photos on Instagram has been shared by ByBiehl and Visit Denmark.

05. Oh, and today marks the beginning of a new chapter when I tonight will board my plane to Amsterdam, which will be my new home for a few years. Although I’m obviously a bit nervous about moving to a new country that I’ve never been to, I’m extremely excited and I cannot wait to explore my new home, and most importantly, to finally live with Olivier after 3 years of longdistance.

I guess it’s safe to say that this week has been one of those that’ll remember in many years to come! What have you guys been up to this week?



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  1. Stort tillykke – jeg kender godt følelsen, da jeg selv lige har været oppe og forsvare mit speciale 😉 Nyd friheden og det nye liv i Amsterdam! Glæder mig til at følge <3

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