Last year in May I was fortunate enough to be able to travel through Norway with my best friend by my side, after having been apart for more than a year. I’ve always loved Norway, and have been there several times as a kid, either going skiing with my parents, or spending a few weeks hiking and canoeing there over the summer back when I was a scout. However, I’d never gotten the opportunity to hike to Pulpit Rock, or Preikestolen as it’s called in Norwegian, so of course I couldn’t say no when my friend suggested that we went there. It turned out to be one of the most beautiful experiences in my life, and I cannot recommend you guys enough to go there one day. So to make it a bit easier for you guys, I’ve compiled a little list of things you need to know before climbing Pulpit Rock:

Getting There

There are several ways to get to Preikestolen. Either you can fly to Stavanger Airport or you can go there from Bergen. I would definitely recommend that you spend a few days in Bergen and from there go to Preikestolen. When travelling from Bergen you wanna take a bus with Kystbussen to Stavanger. You can either book the ticket online or in the bus for 480NOK. This has to be one of the most beautiful bus rides you’ll ever experience! The ride is 5 1/2 hours long but takes you through the most beautiful scenery, and along the way you’ll have a few car ferry crossings, which is not only a great way to get a break from all the driving, but also incredibly beautiful!
Once arriving in Stavanger, you need to walk about 15 minutes to get to the ferry terminal. Stavanger is a rather small town so it should be rather easy to find your way to the terminal, and along the way you’ll walk by the most colorful streets you’ll ever see! Once you arrive at the ferry terminal, you wanna take the ferry to Tau. A returnticket is about 250NOK and can be purchased on the ferry and included a busride to where the path to Preikestolen starts.

Where To Stay

I don’t believe there’s any way that you can hike Preikestolen without not having to stay the night in the area, unless you’re driving of course! Right at the beginning of the trail you’ll find two options for accommodation, the mountain lodge Preikestolen Fjellstue and the hostel Preikestolhytta. Both belong to Preikestolen Fjellstue, which is were you pick up your key for the hostel, and both are located at the same place. We decided to get a dorm for 4 people at the hostel which we paid 1420NOK for. I cannot recommend you guys enough staying at this hostel! Without doubt the best one I’ve seen ever! The cabin is super cosy and have the most beautiful views of the surrounding nature. In the rooms you’ll have a sink and mirror and then there are shared bathrooms. The lodge has both a dinner and lunch menu at the restaurant, and a breakfast buffet (which I believe is included in the price of the room, otherwise it’s probably only around 20NOK). At the breakfast buffet you can also make your own lunch that you can bring with you for your hike.

The Hike

The hike itself has to be one of the best hikes I’ve ever done – if not the best! It’s very pleasant, and I would say anyone can do it, even someone as clumsy as me. We actually also met a few older people along the way. Although it is pleasant, you’ll still get the most amazing views along the way, and you’re guaranteed a bit of sweat as probably more than half the hike will be you climbing uphill on major rocks.

If you’re staying at the lodge overnight, I would definitely recommend that you leave as early in the morning as possible to avoid the crowds that arrive with the first bus around noon. The trail itself is super easy to follow as it basically begins right at the lodge and there are signs along the way until you reach Preikestolen. The trail is about 9km long and most guides says that it takes 4 hours to walk. However, we did it in 3 hours and also spent a while eating our lunch and of course taking photos – and I wouldn’t exactly say that we’re fast walkers.

The Essentials

Obviously you wanna bring some water and snacks for this hike. As for your equipment, most guides say that you should wear proper hiking gear, but honestly you can just wear your normal workout clothes. Personally, I wore a part of Nike tights, trainers, a tank top, and a sweater, which I wore while having our lunch as it was quite cold and windy at the top. Some people did bring hiking poles, but honestly, if I can do it without that, anyone can!

Have any of you hiked Preikestolen? Feel free to leave your tips below!



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  1. This looks amazing! I've seen pictures of this before but never knew the process it took to get up there…that's quite a hike! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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