21. marts 2016

It’s time for a roundup of the first week in Boston!

01. I’m back in the US! It’s been so great to finally be reunited with my best friend after almost a year of being apart. Boston is so beautiful, and I cannot wait to explore more of the city.
02. Thursday we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a few beers at a friends place. Today is the actual St. Patrick’s parade, and we’re heading there with a few friends.
03. Friday we visited Salem, which is a city just outside of Boston. Salem is today mostly known for their Witch Trials back in 1692, and all over the city they had witchcraft stores, witch museums, and houses from the era. We did a tour with a guy who told us all about what actually happened back then, and also showed us around the old cemetery. It’s quite a scary part of the American history, but actually really interesting.
04. Yesterday we did a little road trip with a group of friends to Portsmouth, the cutest little town in New Hampshire. Here we did a little bit of shopping, had clam chowder for lunch, and toured a brewery. Before leaving New Hampshire, we stopped by the liquor store to get some tax-free ingredients for a little margarita party last night.
05. Tonight there’ve sent out a snow alert for the Boston area, so tomorrow I’m probably gonna walk around town and take some snowy pictures for you.

What have you been up to this week?



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