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Korean beauty has become extremely popular lately. Over the past few years, the Western beauty brands and trends have been highly inspired by the trends and technology from Korea, from BB creams, cushion foundations, to skincare. Wonder how you can achieve the flawless look of Korean women? All you need to do is follow these six easy steps:

1. The base

In Korea, they’re all about that flawless, dewy, almost wet looking skin, so much that there’s actually a term for it, mul-gwang. To achieve this, simply use either a cushion foundation or a BB cream which is both moisturising and gives a radiant finish. Now, after applying this, you might wanna set it with a powder, but you’re gonna have to resists doing this. You wanna keep the dewy, natural looking glow.

2. Aegyo Sal

Something that’s very popular is to enhance the aegyo sal, which is those tiny bags just underneath your eyes, that are usually only visible when you smile. If you wanna enhance these, this is done by applying a line of highlighter right on the bags, followed by a tiny outlining just underneath this. By doing this, you achieve a cute, more fresh looking face.

3. Eyes

In Korea they like to keep the eye look very simple and light. Nudes, shimmery and pinky shades are the preferred eyeshadows, and instead of applying an exaggerated liner, they only prefer to tightline. Finish the look off with a light layer of mascara on the upper lashes only.

4. Brows

Whereas we in the West are all into the bold, arched brows, this is not the case in Korea. Although women still do fill in their brows, they do this more subtle and straight.

5. Cheeks

If you wanna achieve that Korean look, you’re gonna have to let go of the heavy contour that we love so much in the West. Instead reach out for a very light and subtle pastel pink, peachy or even purple shade, which you apply right on the apples of your cheeks to achieve a younger, cuter look.

6. Lips

Korean women like their lips bright and juicy. A trend that is very popular right now, and that we’re also starting to see in the West is the gradient lip. Although you can buy products specifically for this, you can also easily achieve this with the products you already have in your drawers. Simply apply a bright lipstick in the inner parts of your lips, use a brush to blend it outwards, and finish it off with a shiny gloss.
And there you have it! 6 steps on how you can achieve that Korean look.

What do you think about the Korean beauty trends?



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