In today’s post I wanna look back on my travel experiences in the past. My top three to be exact. Now, this was definitely not the easiest task, and I did consider changing the title to my top 20, or even top 50 travel experiences. Anyways, I ended up picking the below three experiences, simply because they are very important to me, and I would recommend that everyone experience the same one day.

3. Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Memphis



During my semester in Arkansas back in 2013, we decided to spend our spring break in Panama City Beach. Now, in order to get there, we had to stop by Memphis and take a bus from there to Florida.  Fortunately our spring break began on March 17th, on St. Patrick’s Day, which meant that we got to join the celebrations in Beale Street, with green beer, the parade, beads, and people going all out on green. Hands down one of my best memories from when I studied abroad, and I can’t wait to be back next month to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with my best friend in Boston!

2. Spending a morning at Terme di Saturnia in Tuscany


In 2014, when Ollie and I were travelling around the French Riviera and Tuscany, we decided to wake up early one morning, and drive all the way down to Terme di Saturnia in the middle of the country. Although we had to wake up super early, it was without doubt the highlight of our trip, and I would definitely recommend that you visit some day!

1. Staying in a tiny village at the Li River



My favorite travel experience thus far, was when Ollie and I decided to stay in a house from the Qing dynasty in a little village at the Li River in Guilin, China. Guilin is known to be overly crowded with tourists, but during our stay, we didn’t meet any other than ourselves. The village and the nature was truly magical and I cannot wait till the day that I will return to this place.

What are some of your favorite travel experiences?




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  1. Supernatural con i Chicago 2012 er et af mine absolutte højdepunkter ever! Jeg ELSKEDE den tur og jeg glæder mig sygt til at gentage den (I Nashville) i næste uge. <3
    Derudover står min første tur til London og mine dage i New York også utrolig højt på listen.

    Af smukkeste oplevelser PÅ destinationerne, er der bl.a. solopgangen ved Smyrna Beach i Florida. SÅ fantastisk at opleve, simpelthen så smuk og fredfyldt. <3

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