Monthly roundup // Hong Kong month 3

29. november 2015

Today it’s been exactly three months since I arrived in Hong Kong, which of course means that it’s time for yet another monthly roundup. Looking back, it feels like I just arrived yesterday, but then again it feels like I’ve been in Hong Kong forever because I’ve been up to so many things over the past three months. Month 3 has been another great month to remember. I’m really starting to feel like Hong Kong is my home, and I’ve gotten myself a great routine of work, exploring and hanging out with friends. Here’s a little overview of my ups and downs during month 3.


// Celebrated Halloween in a small village in the New Territories, followed by some scary movie watching all night. We did try to make it to Lan Kwai Fong, but it was simply impossible to get there because of the crowds!
// Visited Tai O with a friend from Denmark, and we even spotted a few of the pink dolphins that live in the area.
// Had a chill afternoon with great friends at a local food market at Quarry Bay
// Went to the Best of British open air movie where they screened Notting Hill. Gotta love how you in the middle of November still can sit outside in shorts at night!
// Did a little tour of the markets – post on my favorite markets in Hong Kong coming up soon! 
// Spend a day exploring the historical museum of Hong Kong, and ended up having dinner at the newly opened Gordon Ramsey restaurant,  London House
// My dog had puppies!
// Had hot pot with some great friends
// Went to the botanical garden. Definitely worth a visit!
// Enjoyed a sunny afternoon at Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park in Sai Kun



// Apart from an itchy throat and a few headaches, month 3 has actually turned out to be a month mainly of highlights. Yay!
// Correction – while writing this I poured a cup of green tea frappuccino all over myself. My life…


Quick numbers

Photos taken: 2128
Blogposts uploaded: 26
Videos uploaded: 3
Days away from Denmark: 109
Days left in Hong Kong: 20

In exactly 3 weeks I’ll be back in Denmark with my family, just in time for Christmas, and I got very mixed feelings about this. I’m really looking forward to seeing my friends and family, and just to be on Danish soil, but boy am I gonna miss Hong Kong. Time to make the most of my last 20 days here! 
If there’s anything that you can recommend that I do before leaving, please let me know!! 



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  1. Comment by arianna terzago

    arianna terzago Reply 30. november 2015 at 12:44

    Your dog had puppies? O woow!! so sweet! And you saw pink dolphins! Your adventure there sounds just perfect! Of course sometimes there are not so good things happening, but that´s part of the game!

    O, and what the hell is a green tea frappuccino??

    Enjoy your last weeks of adventure there!

  2. Comment by Camilla

    Camilla Reply 1. december 2015 at 4:30

    Yeah, month 3 has definitely been one to remember (: The bright green one on the left is the green tea frappuccino. Basically a vanilla frappe mixed with matcha (green tea) powder. Super yum! (:

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