7 things you must taste when visiting Hong Kong

7 things you must taste when visiting Hong Kong

If you’re a food lover like me, then you probably also like to do a little research on which tasty treats you can look forward to trying out when arriving at a new destination. Hong Kong was no exception for me, so here are some my favorites amongst the different treats you can find in Hong Kong:

Egg tart, Hong Kong milk tea & pineapple bun

If you could only try out one local treat, when visiting Hong Kong, then you should definitely go for the egg tart or pineapple bun. These Hong Kong bakery classics definitely has to be my and everybody else’s favorite baked goods in Hong Kong, and every bakery will have their own version of them. The egg tart is a sweet egg custard baked in a slightly salty pie crust. Some bakeries, especially in Macau bake them until the top gets slightly caramelized and even more delicious.
Despite its name, the pineapple bun is actually not made with pineapple, but consists of a sweet bun topped with a sugar crust that may make the bun look a little like a pineapple. It definitely tastes best warm and served with salty melted butter inside.
Finally, you’ll definitely have to try out the Hong Kong milk tea, which is a cold or hot black tea mixed with coffee, milk and sweetened with condensed milk. Even people who usually don’t drink coffee will love this drink!

Dim sum

There’s a lot to say about Hong Kong’s dim sum tradition and the customs when eating it, but I’m gonna save that for another post. Basically dim sum is several small steamed or fried dishes that you’ll eat with your tea either for an early lunch or for your afternoon tea. My favorites are without doubt the shrimp dumplings and the creamy egg custard buns.

Egg waffles

A favorite of mine when needing a pick me up while strolling around the city, is definitely the egg waffles, or eggettes. These come in various varieties, from the classic plain waffle, to the fancy ones baked with chocolate chips or sesame seeds, or served with ice creams and several other toppings.

Hong Kong style French toast

Another breakfast favorite of mine is for sure the Hong Kong style French toast that can be found in the local wet markets or in Café de Corals around the city. Imagine your average French toast, but upgraded with peanutbutter between two slices of toast and served with condensed milk.

Fish balls

Finally, here’s a little street food favorite that especially Ollie ended being a big fan of. Although its name may sound a bit scary, it’s actually not as bad as it sounds. The balls are usually made from mullet and flour, and served in a spicy curry sauce.
Do you have any favorite treats from Hong Kong? 
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  1. Jeg elskede at være i Hong Kong, vejret var lækkert, meneskerne var rigtig søde (sammenlignet med Shanghai) og maden var spændende :)) Nikoline

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