Monthly roundup // Hong Kong month 2

Monthly roundup // Hong Kong month 2

Wauw, I can’t believe that my second month in Hong Kong has already passed! It’s funny how it both feels as if I just arrived in Hong Kong, but then again it feels like it’s been forever since last time I saw my family and Ollie.


// Took part in the National Day celebrations, which included fireworks and thousands of people wanting to see it
// Visited Nan Lian Garden
// Had an awesome green tea cheesecake & chai latte at Teakha
// Went to the Man Mo Temple
// Hiked Dragon’s Back
// Attended the TEDx pre-party on a boat in Victoria Harbor & of course the actual TEDx
// Spent a weekend “working” at a festival on one of the islands around Hong Kong, and got to meet a bunch of interesting people
// Went to Disneyland
// Reunited with a friend from home over some Hello Kitty Dum Sum

// Hiked to a waterfall in the New Territories & had dinner afterwards with a local friend’s family
// Found super cheap sushi – mix your own sushi for 3HKD a piece!


// Wasted one day in bed with the flu
// Had to get out of bed on the day I was sick, because the smoke detector went off in my hostel
// Had to stay inside two nights in a row because of a typhoon 
// It’s been 1 year since my granddad passed
// No PSL in Hong Kong 😛
// Was attacked by 7 giant spiders while hiking Dragon’s back!

Quick numbers

Photos taken: 1661
Blogposts uploaded: 18
Videos uploaded: 1
Days away from Denmark: 78
Days left in Hong Kong: 51

Overall, month two in Hong Kong has been amazing, and I fall more in love with the city for every day that pass. Although I’ve been super busy with work, I’ve tried to make the most of every day, and experience as much as possible when I’ve had the opportunity. I’m gonna continue this way, and try to do and see as much as possible in Hong Kong during my last two months here! 



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