Monthly roundup // Hong Kong month 1

Monthly roundup // Hong Kong month 1

On August 29th, exactly one month ago I entered Hong Kong with Ollie. To keep y’all updated and to take a moment to look back at the past month I will make a monthly roundup for every month I spend here in Hong Kong. I will be sharing high- and lowlights, as well as my budget and a few quick numbers. I got the idea from Stephen and Jess, who since they left Australia have been posting a monthly roundup for every month of their travels.

The first month has been a month of both ups and downs. First of all, it’s been crazy to be so far away from everybody that I love – 8774 km to be exact – and even in a completely new place.


// Started my life in Hong Kong, and best of all, I had Ollie with me for the first week of exploring the place and to help me moving into my new place.
// Started working on my internship, and I absolutely love it!
// Disneyland! Went to Disneyland while Ollie was here and he gave me a Magic Access card for me to be able to visit whenever I want. Hands down the best day ever!
// Visited Macau twice! Not sure yet how I like it though. It’s indeed very different from anything I’ve experienced before, but I won’t deny that I won’t want to visit it during again Christmas
// Got the iPhone 6s after 4 great years with my beloved 4s.
// Food! Hong Kong food is so delicious and you can literally find anything that you might be craving!
//Mid-Autumn Festival was such a great experience that I was so fortunate to be able to attend.
//Got a scholarship from my university, which hopefully allows me to travel and see more places before I leave


// Had to say goodbye to Ollie whom I won’t see until December 29th!
// Spent my first week in Hong Kong with a throat infection. Damn you, A/C!
// Food! As good as the food can be here, it can also be very very different from what I’m used to. And whenever I consider buying anything somewhat Western food, I get a minor heart attack from seeing the price.
// Missed the Christening of my cousin’s baby son


I’m gonna be honest with you guys. Month one has been really tough on my bank account. In total I’ve spent 17,819 DKKR ($2,670), however out of these 1,800 kr were spent on a flight ticket to France for New Year’s, 4,888 kr were spent on the new iPhone 6s, and 4,094kr on the hotel Ollie and I stayed at the first week. That leaves me with 7,037 kr spent on living (food, necessities for my new place), shopping, and coffee. That’s still way too much, but hey it was my first month, so I allowed myself to enjoy it to the fullest without any worries.

Quick numbers:

Photos taken: 1030
Blogposts uploaded: 12
Videos uploaded: 1
Days away from Denmark: 48
Days left in Hong Kong: 81

Overall, month one in Hong Kong has been a blast, and the highlights definitely make the lowlights seem invisible. I got quite a few things coming up in October with work, which I will also tell you more about in a future post. Along with that I’m gonna make a challenge for myself for the month of October to spend as little money as possible on dining. Both because of the lack of money, but simply also because I’ve been eating a little too much good food lately, which is definitely shown on my skin and my overall well-being. So stay tuned for some posts on cheap and healthy dining in Hong Kong! (;



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3 svar til “Monthly roundup // Hong Kong month 1”

  1. its been a month already? omg!

    glad you got a new phone and that you are enjoying life there. I know it must be sad not having many around you, but that will make NYE a whole lot more special 😉

    Good luck with month number 2, especially with your budget haha

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. I know, right? Feels like I just arrived!
    Fingers crossed that I'll be able to stick to my budget 😛

    Oh, and I'm sorry that I haven't been too active on your blog lately. It's actually blocked where I live, so that's why (;

  3. Love this style of post. Hong Kong is somewhere I'd love to visit so will be reading your previous posts about it and look forward to more updates as you continue your adventure 🙂

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