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That’s right, I finally managed to finish my Boston and NYC video – only 2 months after coming home ūüėõ Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to be the first person to know when I upload new videos!

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01. I’ve spent this weekend packing and getting ready for 19 days of fun with my best friend in Boston. My parents got me a huge suitcase for my birthday, so I’ll have plenty of space for a little bit of shopping.

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Video: 4 months in Hong Kong

I have finally managed to put together all my Hong Kong footage into this four-minute recap of my four months of living in the city.

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Guilin video

Hello everyone and happy 10th of December! I cannot believe that there’s only 14 days till Christmas Eve and 9 days till I’m gonna go back to Denmark.

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Video: Huangshan vlog

That’s right y’all. It’s only been a week since I uploaded the Hangzhou video, and I’ve already managed to put together another video from the China travels – this time from our days in Huangshan and Tunxi. As always I’d like to point out that I’m still super new in the world of Youtube, so […]

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Video: Hangzhou vlog

I finally managed to put together another video from the China travels – this time from our days in Hangzhou. Hope you all like it! Any constructive criticism would me much appreciated, and it would of course mean the world to me if you’d subscribe to my channel!

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Video: Shanghai & Suzhou vlog

S√• fik jeg endelig tid til at samle lidt klips fra f√łrste del af Kinarejsen sammen til en video. Jeg er stadig meget ny i det med youtube, s√• har stadig en masse at l√¶re. Men jeg h√•ber, I nyder den, og kom gerne med konstruktiv kritik. Husk endelig at like og subscribe – det […]

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S√• blev det endelig muligt at f√• kortet 40 minutters klip ned til en 5 minutters video. Og dermed kan jeg nu pr√¶sentere jer for min f√łrste video p√• min youtube kanal. Hvis I synes om det, vil jeg helt sikkert lave mere, is√¶r fra min tur til Hong Kong om lidt. Kom endelig med […]

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