8. marts 2017

Last year I did a rundown of my 10 favorite Instagrammers that I you should be following, and it really seemed like you guys loved it! So, to celebrate International Women’s Day today, I thought I would share with you 8 badass female Instagrammers which without doubt will make you want to go explore the world.

1. @voyage_provocateur

I actually just discovered this account a month or two ago, but I’ve fallen deeply in love with the beautiful universe that this Polish Instagrammer has managed to make.

2. @thelayoverlife_

Jess is a London based flight attentat, who shares photos from every destination that she lands in. As a kid, my biggest dream was to be a flight attentat, and Jess definitely brings back that dream through her photos.

3. @freyadowson

I absolutely love Freya’s Instagram! The London based travel photographer focuses less on trying to show the perfect side of travelling, but instead on shooting stories on the road, captured in amazing photos.

4. @alienchrisblog

If you like bright colors, you will love Christine’s account! Christine, or AlienChris, is a Swedish photographer, who is currently travelling the world full-time.

5. @versepasi

Ver is a photographer and content creator based in Montreal. Although I tend to follow many accounts with pinky toned filters, I really love how Ver manages to have incredibly beautiful feed with very limited (or simply natural) editing.

6. @nastasiaspassport

Nastasia is the founder of Dame Traveller, which is an incredibly beautiful travel blog. Nastasia shares gorgeous photos from her travels all over the world.

7. @alonavibe

Alona Vibe is a Danish Instagrammer that I found very recently, but nonetheless I absolutely love her universe. She shares beautiful photos from around the world, but also from her everyday life in Copenhagen.

8. @cammi_dk

To much to put myself in this post? Oh well, here I am anyways. If you aren’t already, go follow me and be up to date with what I’m up to.

Which female Instagrammers inspire you to go explore the world?


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