13. februar 2017

Winter is upon us! And whether you’re living somewhere snowy and mountainous or somewhere as flat and gray as Amsterdam, it might soon be time for you to hit the slopes. As we all know, the crispy winter cold ain’t really the best for our skin. It gets dry, irritated and super sensitive. But there’s hope ahead! With the right products in your toiletbag you might actually return from your skiing trip without the chapped lips and only with the glow that your skin gets from being outside.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream | I’m starting to feel like I mention my Eight Hour Cream every single time that I make a skincare post. Post honestly, there’s a good reason for that. This it the only product that I’ve been using since the day I was born, and I’ll be using it till the day that I leave this planet. The cream is amazing both for protecting your skin from the cold, but also after the damage has been done. And the best part is that you can use it anywhere, from chapped lips, irritated cheeks and nose or if you need to soothe a sunburn. This truly is a miracle product!

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Spray | I was so excited when Elizabeth Arden decided to expand their Eight Hour range with an oil. At home I mostly use this in my hair or if my hands are getting overly dry. But you can really use it for anything you like, just like with the normal cream. Use it for your body, for some added moisture in your face, or wherever you might be lacking some moisture.


Laneige Water Sleeping Mask | I purchased this mask when visiting my best friend in Boston last year, and it truly is a lifesaver! Most of the time when my skin is dry, I’ll usually just reach out for a moisturizer and some eight hour cream where I might need a little bit of extra hydration. But sometimes that just ain’t enough. When applying this mask before bedtime, I wake up with my skin looking bright, clear, revitalized and hydrated as if it’s had the best sleep of its life.


Laneige BB Cushion | Normally when I go skiing I really don’t care at all about makeup. But if I were to do a little bit of effort, I would apply a bit of foundation with loads of moisture and SPF. My choice is Laneige’s BB Cushion, which is super hydrating and has a super high SPF, which is perfect if you go skiing somewhere sunny.


Nuxe Rêve de Miel | Although most of the time I just tend to use my Eight Hour Cream as a lip balm, I also like to bring my Reve de Miel when skiing. As the name suggests, one of the main ingredients in this lip balm is honey, which makes it incredibly thick in the perfect way and super hydrating. My favorite thing about this lip balm is actually that the honey tends to crystalize, which makes it the perfect scrub to get rid of that dead skin and make your lips super smooth.


Roxy x Biotherm skincare scarf | Now my favorite product in this post is not exactly a skincare product, but just enough for me to want to mention it. The very colorful scarf is a collaboration between my favorite skincare brand Biotherm and the winter attire brand Roxy. The result is scarfs and winter jackets that protect and soothes your skin in the harsh winter cold, which means that your skin won’t get as irritated and dry as normally. How cool is that??

What are your beauty musthaves for skiing?


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