5. februar 2017

It’s Sunday, and that can only mean one thing; it’s time for the weekly roundup!

01. This week we’ve been doing some more travel planning. One trip we really want planned soon because of both of our work schedules, is our 2 week trip in the summer months. We’re still not sure whether we should go camping in Iceland or head for some warmer destinations. If you had two weeks to go somewhere (somewhat cheap), please share your ideas below!
02. We’re also trying to find some destinations around Europe that we can visit over a weekend. On the top of our list are Cologne, Ghent, Paris and Berlin, but we’re always looking for more inspiration, so please share your ideas and tips in the comments below (:
03. A fun fact about me is that I since I was a kid have been a huge fan of Pokémon. That also means that I obviously have been excited about the whole Pokémon go rage that hit the world in the summer. So obviously I couldn’t help myself from ordering a few of the items in the Pokémon makeup collection that Tony Moly came out with recently. I’ll of course share it with you all when it’s arrived!
04. This week we discovered that Ollie’s mom’s cat is having kittens later this month, and we’ve been kinda considering getting one. But we’re still not quite sure on whether we should have one or not since we are afraid it would limit us from travelling. Any pet owners out there, who also travel often?
05. Starting tomorrow I will change things up a bit on my Instagram. Until now I’ve only been sharing photos from where I am right now, which means that my feed right now is covered in only Amsterdam photos (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) and I haven’t gotten a chance to share the billions of photos I got from around the world. So starting tomorrow I’ll have a weekly theme, where I’ll be sharing photos from a different place in the world. At least until we get to do some more travelling. Hope you’ll like it! And don’t worry, there’ll still be loads of Amsterdam pics for you (:

5 links I’ve loved

01. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan and supporter of living abroad, why I of course couldn’t help but loving Projectinspo’s post about living and travelling abroad when you’re young.
02. Then I have been absolutely loving that more European have joined in on the Every Second Counts videos. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go check out the link and watch the Dutch or the German videos. They’re hilarious!
03. Winter has really hit Amsterdam, and although we don’t have any snow, it’s hard not be influenced by the lack of sun and the crazy cold. That’s why I loved that The Copenhagen Tales shared a post on how to stay cozy during the Danish winter (or the Dutch winter for that sake).
04. I know that many travellers and bloggers have chosen not to travel to the US the next 4 years because of a certain president. Still I cannot help myself from getting tempted to go visit my best friend or make a roadtrip through the country. Especially when Buzzfeed shares a post on 31 cheap roadtrips through the US.
05. Sleeping Beauty’s castle or Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany has been on my bucket list for an eternity, so when shared a post which featured it, I couldn’t help but starting planning a possible weekend getaway to this beautiful place.

What have you guys been up to this week?


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