14. februar 2017

Today’s Valentine’s Day and whether you’re single or not, it’s hard not to get into the spirit of love with all the hearts in the stores, valentine’s makeup looks on youtube and gift guides all over blog land. So why not top it off with a post on the most romantic places to spend Valentine’s Day?

Melbourne, Australia

Who said that Valentine’s Day has to include roses and candelit dinners? How about an untraditional take on romance as they do it in Melbourne? Admire the spectacular views of the city from a hot air balloon and enjoy a picnic in one of the many green parks afterwards. I mean, how romantic is that?

New York City, USA

{March 2016}

You might wonder why I’ve decided to put the Big Apple on a list of the most romantic places to spend Valentine’s Day. Normally you’d consider a trip New York a trip all about shopping and going out. But New York has so much more to it. There’s a good reason why so many romantic movies have been shot here. I mean, nothing is more romantic than riding a horse carriage through a snowy central park with the one you love!



Of all the tropical islands out there, the Maldives gotta be the most romantic of them all! Imagine staying with your loved one in of of the characteristic seaside resorts where it’s really up to you to decide whether you wanna explore the life under the turquoise sea, soak up the sun all day or just relax and enjoy each other’s presence.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

{September 2017}

If you haven’t been to Amsterdam yet, this might be quite a surprise to you. Amsterdam is mostly associated with tourists being high on weed, the red light districts and brown cafées. But Amsterdam is so much more than that, and romantic is definitely a word that characterizes my current home. Imagine yourself walking hand in hand with your loved one along the beautiful canal houses, admiring world famous paintings in our many art museums, exploring the city from the seaside or enjoying a delicious meal in one of the many great restaurants. If that isn’t romantic, then I really don’t know what is!


Paris, France

A compilation of the most romantic places on earth is not complete without Paris. The City of Lights is the definition of romance with it’s beautiful architecture, cosy hotels, amazing museums, high fashion boutiques, and of course restaurants where you can glare into each others eyes in the dim candle light.

Where are you spending Valentine’s Day this year?


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