4. januar 2017

Wanderlust Wednesday is back! And we’re starting off the new year with 10 new places that you should visit this year. Let’s go!


Finland has for quite some time been a country that no one really talked about, but 2017 seems like the year that people will finally start realizing how awesome this country is. From the cool city of Helsinki to the beautiful nature, and not to mention even more beautiful northern lights, Finland’s got it all! I will be heading to Finland myself this year, and I’m super excited! My best friend invited my to a wedding in Jyväskylä in September, and we’ll probably spend a week driving through the country before that. We don’t know exactly there yet, but I’m crossing my fingers for Helsinki and Lapland.


Don’t let the past few years’ natural disasters hold you back from visiting Nepal. Although many things were lost during the earthquake in 2015, you will be surprised by how much remained, including the amazing hiking trails.


Chile might not be your first thought when planning your South American trip. But it really should be, ’cause Chile’s got it all! From breathtaking snow covered mountains and beaches, to wine valleys, jungles and even penguins. There’s something for everyone.


Voted number 1 in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2017 list, Canada is definitely worth visiting this year. From bustling dynamic cities on both coasts, to incredibly diverse nature, you’ll definitely have plenty to do for several weeks here.


Mongolia has been on my bucket list for quite some time now, and I’m hoping to be able to do the trans-mongolian railroad one day and visit the country. In 2017 a new airport will open in the capital city, which will allow the whole explore the rapid modernisation of the country.


Although usually known for the pilgrimage, Israel has so much more to offer. Israel is the most moden and open-minded country you’ll meet in the middle east, and especially the culinary world and night life is not to be missed when visiting it’s capital Jerusalem.


{Essaouira, November}
I visited Morocco in November, and I cannot recommend you enough to visit this place before the rest of the world will start realizing the diversity and colorful culture you’ll experience here. If you have more than a few days here, you should definitely try to leave Marrakech for a day or two and visit the coastal city of Essaouira, which will feel like an entirely different country.


Mexico has so much more to offer than just beach holidays. Head to Veracruz and taste the best seafood in the world, sip on the wine of Valle de Guadalupe, or experience manta rays, whales and great white sharks while scuba diving in Baja California.


Russia is usually not a place that will appear on most people’s bucket lists. Which really is a shame. Although the politics of the country are rather debatable, the architecture is unlike anywhere else in the world!


Colombia has for decades been a destination for only hardcore travellers. Until today. The country is blossoming, and the culture and people will embrace you like no other place in the world.

Where are you planning on going in 2017?



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  1. Comment by Nikoline

    Nikoline Reply 7. januar 2017 at 16:47

    Sydamerika står helt klart højest på ønskelisten lige pt. 🙂 Jeg håber at 2017 bliver det år hvor vi endeligt kommer derhen og oplever sydamerikansk natur og kultur. Men du har helt klart en del destinationer på listen, som kunne være enormt spændende 🙂 Nikoline

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