8. januar 2017

Happy Sunday everyone! I actually haven’t done a weekly roundup since I left for Morocco, so it’s about time that I share with y’all what I’ve been up to lately. Here’s the first Five Things of the new year:

01. This week both Ollie and I had our first day in our new jobs, which has both been super exciting, but also really tiring. So many new things and new people to get used to, but I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we’re just enjoying every moment of it.
02. If you’re interested in knowing what I do for a living, you can check out TravelBird Stories, which is my personal project at work.
03. My parents left for Thailand this week and are sending awesome photos and stories from the country every day. We really have to go there one day!
04. Earlier this week my sister also announced that she will be visiting us over Easter in April. Super excited to finally have her with me in Amsterdam again!
05. This week I’ve also spent a lot of time on planning posts and projects for the blog, and Im quite confident that y’all will like what I’ve got planned this year. I would also really like your input though so that I can create content that you guys actually want to read. So tell me, what do you want to see on this year? More beauty, wanderlust, videos, or travel tips? Leave your ideas in the comments below. Thank you! ūüėÄ

5 links I’ve loved

01. This week Anne-Li from Gowns and Roses asked me to share my 3 best tips for visiting my favorite city; Hong Kong.
02. Then I was super excited when I saw that Canada is giving out free National Park passes for 2017 to celebrate the country’s birthday. Although we didn’t really have any plans on going to Canada this year, I still decided to get the pass in case that we decide to go at one point.
03. That Adventurer shared a post this week about Yangshuo in China, which brings me back to the most amazing trip Ollie and I had in 2015. Wouldn’t mind going back there one day!
04. Earlier this week I shared my 2017 travel wishlist, which included the beautiful country of Nepal. And this week Out’N’About shared part 1 of their Nepal experience last year.¬†Definitely makes me want to visit Nepal even more after reading that post!
05. It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with travel videos, and most of the time that I spend on Youtube is spent watching travel videos. This week Just Browsing shared their 2016 recap as a video, which definitely makes me wanna spend more time in Asia.

What are your favorites things from this week?


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