30. december 2016

I cannot believe it’s already the end of yet another year! Although 2016 was not my most active year blogging wise, we obviously cannot skip the annual popular posts run down.

10. How to Climb Pulpit Rock – All You Need to Know

After my trip to Norway last year, one of my most requested posts was tips on the Pulpit Rock hike. 2016 was the year that I finally decided to write it.

9. Moroccan Memories: Essaouira

The first part from my very first blogger trip in November. Looking through these photos still make me so incredibly happy about the opportunities that the blog has given me.

8. A Weekend in NYC For First Timers

In March I visited my best friend in Boston, and one weekend we decided to take a quick trip to New York.

7. Moving to Hong Kong – One Year Later

It’s funny how much can happen in only one year. This year I moved two Amsterdam, while last year I lived in Hong Kong. In August it had already been one year since I entered Hong Kong, and I decided to reflect on my whole experience in a post.

6. I’m Moving to Amsterdam!

In April I could finally announce that I would move to Amsterdam in July, and I can still remember how excited I was about being able to tell you guys!

5. Top Attractions in Hangzhou You Just Can’t Miss

Hangzhou was one of our stops during our China trip last year, and in the spring time I finally had the time to do a little run downs of the beautiful city’s top attractions.

4. 3 Cushion Foundations You Should Try Out

Although I haven’t really written any beauty related posts since moving to Amsterdam, my most popular posts actually surprisingly turns out to be all about that. My three favorite cushion foundations was the fourth most read post this year.

3. Celebrating My Newfound Freedom

In May I celebrated handing in my masters thesis with a cheeky little Stylepit giveaway, which obviously turned out to be quite popular.

2. 10 Travel Instagrammers That You Should Be Following

I absolutely love Instagram, why I naturally decided to dedicate a whole post to my 10 favorite travel Instagrammers. 

1. Lancôme Juicy Shaker

The most popular post on also happens to be about my favorite product discovery this year – Lancôme’s Juicy Shaker. Looking through these posts I’m actually really missing writing beauty related posts, so I will definitely do my best to get back on track with those – especially since it seems like you guys like them as well!

What have been some of your favorite posts in blogging land this year? Feel free to leave them below!



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