6. november 2016

Happy Sunday everyone! It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve done a weekly roundup, so I’m rather excited about this one. This particular Five Things will also include a new feature, so stay tuned for that!

01. As you already read in my roundup of month 4, my Monday was spent in bed because I had a cold creeping up on me. Luckily, thanks to loads of ginger tea, this cold is long gone by now!

02. Thursday I had a day off from work, so I spent the day working on the blogand improving it before this month’s exciting news are out. I’m also working on a few Amsterdam guides, so stay tuned for that!

03. On my day off, we decided to try out a new place for lunch. Being vegetarians, Olivier and I are always on the hunt for the best vegetarian friendly places around town, and this week we might just have found the best place so far. About five minutes walk from our apartment, you’ll find Humus Bistro D&A, where we had the best meal in a very long time. Whether you’re vegetarian or not, you have to visit this place!

04. Yesterday I had another day off from work, and we actually had a long list of plans for our day. Unfortunately, thanks to the Dutch weather (read: rain all day), we ended up only going on our usual farmers market trip to stock up on some fresh veggies for the week. The rest of the day was spent food prepping and drinking loads of tea while listening to the rain dripping on the windows.

05. Today I’m spending a few hours in the office, before heading back to my Frenchie. Tonight we’re planning on taking a stroll around the city and watch all the Christmas lights that are lighting up the streets. I will probably upload a few pics on Instagram, so make sure to follow me if you’re not already!

As I mentioned in the beginning of the post, I’m gonna try out something new for my weekly roundups. For future Five Things posts I’m thinking that I’ll spice up the posts by sharing 5 of my favorite links / blogs / articles of the week. Below are the five links that I’ve been loving most this week!

Five links I’ve loved this week

01. If you love our planet and Leonardo DiCaprio, then Before the Flood is for you! Even if you don’t, you should watch it – it might turn out to be an eyeopener for you.

02. As most of your probably know, I lived in Hong Kong last year, and it was an absolute blast! Because of this, I cannot help but feeling a bit excited (and nostalgic), whenever other bloggers write about this awesome place. A Hong Kong post that I’ve absolutely loved this week is by Aileen from I Am Aileen. Make sure to check out her blog if you haven’t already!

03. I don’t know about you guys, but one of my best travel companions has to by my Lonely Planet guidebooks. They recently published their Best in Travel 2017 lists, and I cannot help but feeling like booking a oneway ticket to Canada after reading about it.

04. I’ve previously mentioned that I’m a big fan of Stephen and Jess fromFlying the Nest, so I was really stoked when they published a 360° video of their hometown Perth.

05. One of my favorite traditions for Halloween has to be to watch Jimmy Kimmel’s I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy video. This year was no disappointment!

What have your favorite things been this week?

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