14. marts 2016

Today I’m leaving for Boston, and I am so excited! I don’t know about you guys, but there are certain essentials that I always tend to forget to bring with me when travelling. That’s why I thought that I today would share a short list of travel essentials that you don’t wanna forget to bring with you when travelling. Hopefully that’ll also make me remember to bring them this time.

Phone charger & power bank

… or any charger or cables in general. This is one thing that I always tend to forget to take with me, which means that I now have a massive collection of iPhone cables.

Power adapter

Same case as with the chargers. If you’re leaving for a country where they have different outlets than your home country, you’ll be pretty much doomed without a power adaptor.


I like to stay positive, but sometimes you’ll just have to accept that you might go to a place where it’ll be raining.


Although pretty much everybody have credit cards nowadays, cash are simply something that you don’t wanna forget to bring. What if the ATM ain’t working and you have no way to pay for the transportation to your hotel?

Hiking shoes

Whether you’re actually going hiking or just spending a weekend doing some sightseeing in a city, comfy shoes are a must.

Hair ties

Am I the only one that always tend to buy hair ties all the time, and yet never have one with me on the go? Although I don’t have the longest hair, it can sometimes really piss me off if my hair is all over my face during a hike or just on a hot day in the city. This time I really need to bring a few!

Eight Hour Cream

I’ve declared my love to this cream several times on this blog, and with good reason. The Eight Hour Cream is not only perfect for chapped lips, but also dry hands, sunburns, basically anything that could happen to your skin when travelling.


Although your destination might be a warm place, you’ll always find yourself needing a good sweater for the colder nights, for the plane journey, or when you’re walking inside malls where they got some crazy A/C going on (I’m talking about you, Hong Kong).

What do you always forget to pack?

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  1. Comment by Pam Scalfi

    Pam Scalfi Reply 14. marts 2016 at 11:20

    ive forgotten an umbrella before lol not good because it rained the entire week :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Comment by Cecilie Amalie Brevadt

    Cecilie Amalie Brevadt Reply 16. marts 2016 at 20:28

    Haha, det opsummerer egentlig også meget godt hvad jeg plejer at glemme, når jeg skal ud og rejse! Til gengæld er jeg super god til at tage ALT for meget tøj med som jeg ikke får brug for alligevel.. Hov 😉


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