28. januar 2016

Since I left France almost 3 weeks ago now (time sure flies), I thought that it was about time that I show y’all what I ended up bringing back with me from Sephora. Lucky for me, Sephora had started their sales on my last day in France, so all the things I ended up buying were super cheap. Win!

I of course had to pick up the Urban Decay Vice 4 palette, which I got with -30%. Being a girl who loves color, this is in my opinion the perfect palette, with its neutrals and a few crazy pink, turquoise and purple colors. The quality of the shadows are just as amazing as any other eye shadow from Urban Decay, and on top of that, the packaging is just so incredibly beautiful.

I’ve heard so many people on Youtube rave about Sephora’s liquid lipsticks, so of course I had to check them out. But for some reason I couldn’t seem to find them in the Sephora I went to, ’cause the one I ended up buying actually turned out to just be a red gloss and not a lipstick. Ugh! Oh well, I still really like the color, plus I’ll have something to look forward to trying out next time I find a Sephora. I did still end up finding another long lasting lip product. This is from Sephora’s collaboration with Craig & Karl. This one lasts so long, it feels creamy on the lips, and the color is so pretty.

Finally, I of course needed to pick up some nail polishes. I’ve heard so many great things about the ones from Formula X, but I haven’t really been able to find them anywhere. Not true, actually I saw them in a store in Hong Kong, but over there they seemed a little bit expensive, so I ended up going with my good old trusted Essie. But when I saw these two while waiting in line, and realized the price was only 1.70 € (!), I of course knew I had to try them out. I’ve tried them both now, and I really love the shades, but honestly I don’t think they last that long. Both of them starting flaking off the next day, so I’m actually glad that I didn’t pay more for them. I’m gonna give them another go with a good layer of topcoat, and hopefully they’ll last longer.

What do you think of my little Sephora haul? Personally I love every single thing I’ve picked up.

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  1. Comment by Pam Scalfi

    Pam Scalfi Reply 29. januar 2016 at 12:12

    i really want the vice palette, but i cant justify the price so that offer is pretty amazing!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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