14. marts 2017

For as long as i can remember, one of my biggest dreams was to live abroad at least once in my life. At the age of 25, I’ve managed to live away from the comfort of my little hometown in Denmark and both study abroad in the US, intern in Hong Kong and finally move in with my French boyfriend in Amsterdam, where I’ve been living and working for 9 months now. I guess there’s no doubt that I’m a big promoter of living abroad and I try to take any chance I can to persuade people to try it at least once in their life. If you’re still wondering whether moving abroad, even for a short period of time, is something for you, just keep reading.


You become independent

As a newbie and all alone in a new place, you suddenly have to rely on yourself and your instincts instead of your family, friends or colleagues like at home. Having to rely on yourself and your instincts, you will without doubt meet some bumps along the way, but you will also experience that your independence and confidence will grow as a result of that.


You expand your horizons

And get a new perspective on life. There is no doubt that travelling and living abroad will teach you about other cultures and the world around us in a way that the school books will never be able to teach you.


You increase your tolerance  

As a result of expanding your horizons, you’ll also find that your tolerance towards other people, cultures and traditions will increase. Not only will you learn to tolerate these differences, but also to adapt and follow this new culture that you find yourself living in.


You get to immerse yourself into a foreign culture

Whether it being an exoctic culture or just the culture of your neighbor country, there’s is no doubt that living in it is the absolute best way to explore and learn about a different culture.


Your intercultural communication skills are improved

Working with or even having flatmates who speak a different language than your own is hands down the best way to learn to communicate with people from different cultures. They can’t teach you this in the books! Even though you all speak English, you’ll find that you’ll still develop your language and way of communicating because of your different cultures. This is also the perfect opportunity to learn a different language from real native speakers!

You’ll start appreciating your home more

As sad as this may sound, it really is true that when you experience living in another country far away from your home country, you’ll learn to appreciate the things you might’ve been taking for granted before. Your home country’s politics, benefits, prices, work ethics or maybe even your family and friends – all that will be different in your new country.


You’ll just have loads of fun!

No matter how much I try to emphasize the amount of soft skills you’ll earn from living abroad, there is no doubt that you should also do it for the experience. Do it to meet new amazing people, try new interesting food, see new places you would never have dreamt of, and simply learn to live in the moment and enjoy every second of it.

Now, what’s holding you back from moving abroad?


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