Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you've all had a lovely week. This is what I've been up to.
01. In the beginning of the week Ollie was working in Germany, so I spent the days alone in the apartment just relaxing and reading some good books.
02. This week we started planning this years' travels more in details. As you probably can tell from the sidebar, we have already planned some trips in September. This weekend we also added a weekend trip to Ghent in two weeks and we also started planning a longer trip in early July. But more about those trips later on.
03. A few days ago we signed up for Pawshake, which basically is a dating site where pet owners can find people to walk or babysit their pets. That'll definitely benefit our travel funds, plus it'll make it a lot easier for me not to live with a pet.
04. This weekend is the Chinese New Year, and Olivier and I celebrated with lion dance in China Town followed by a super nice dinner at a Chinese restaurant.
05. Then we started looking into the possibility of roadtripping the Canadian Rockies this year. Since Canada is giving out National Park passes for free, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to visit the country. Unfortunately it seems to be a whole lot more expensive than I thought it would be, so it might have to wait a bit. Any budget tips for Canada are highly appreciated!

5 links I've loved

01. You guys already know that we're dreaming about being digital nomads for a while in a few years time, so I was super excited when I saw that sweet Anne-Li from Gowns and Roses had a guest post by Justbrowsing about being digital nomads
02. Then I was even more excited when I read that my favorite youtuber Estée Lalonde had partnered up with my favorite beauty brand Lancôme
03. Then I found a bit of inspiration on a 2+ year travel itinerary by The Travel Hack. Maybe that'll come in handy in a few years time. 
04. One of the things I missed out on when visiting my best friend in Boston last year was experiencing a whale safari. OnTrip shared a post about their experience at Cape Cod, and it just made me want to experience it even more myself. 
05. Finally, I've saved a post by Mia Gardum with her best tips for Budapest. I'll definitely make use of that later this year!

What have you guys been up to this week? 



Hej, jeg er Camilla - udlandsdansker, makeupsamler og rejsefanatiker

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  1. hope you guys had a great time out celebrating chinese new year :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Tak søde Camilla :-)

    Du tager helt sikkert på hvalsafari næste gang du er i Boston ;-)