7. august 2016

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Another week has passed here in Amsterdam and that calls for yet another weekly roundup!

01. Last Thursday I went to Schiphol Airport to pick up Olivier, who’s staying here for two weeks, which basically is just super awesome! It feels so surreal to finally have him here, in the apartment and city that we’ll call home for the next few years!
02. Yesterday we celebrated Europride here in Amsterdam, with a 5-hour parade on Prinsengracht. Basically one of the best parties I’ve ever attended!
03. Yesterday was also my dad’s birthday, which I’ve once again missed because of me being abroad. At least he and my mom will come and visit me in Amsterdam in only a few weeks time, and we’ll be able to celebrate.
04. Today we also (finally) started receiving some of the furniture that we’ve ordered online, and our little apartment here in Amsterdam is slowly starting to look like an actual home.
05. Also, lately I’ve been trying to live more healthy. Long days at work and little time with Olivier at night kinda calls for some extra energy. On top of that, I’ve recently discovered that I’m allergic to lactose, which definitely means that I’ve been needing to rethink my diet. To kickstart this new lifestyle I’ve recently been trying out LoveTea’s morning detox tea, which DM Skincare have been kind enough to send me. Hands down the best detox tea I’ve ever tried, and it has definitely increased my energy level. Not sure if my weight loss over the past few weeks is because of this tea or because of my new diet, but I’m feeling great!

What have you guys been up to lately?

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  1. Comment by Pam Scalfi

    Pam Scalfi Reply 8. august 2016 at 9:54

    cutting lactose is gonna be tough so good luck! 🙂 hope you are enjoying Amsterdam 😀
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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