Guess what?! Cammi is back with the first beauty related post in more than two months. I know. Crazy, right? :P 
Even though it's still summertime here in Amsterdam, and I today was drowning in my own sweat while assembling our new couch in 35 degrees, I simply cannot help myself from wanting to wear some fall inspired berry shaded items. 

Technically I haven't celebrated fall in two years, since I spent last fall living in the (mostly) tropical Hong Kong, where fall equals 25 degrees and long days at the beach. So I guess it's only natural that I'm especially stoked about this year's fall, especially since I'll be spending it in probably the most beautiful cities on the planet. 

Anyways. For your daily dose of fall inspiration I've been browsing through Esprit's website for some berry shaded items. Luckily, Esprit already had a whole section with only berry shaded items. Above you see my five favorites (although I could easily have picked like a billion more). I definitely need that skirt in my life!

An autumny outfit isn't complete without a bronzy eye makeup, berry cheeks, and of course red lips. Finally, we cannot leave the home before applying the perfect autumn fragrance. In my book, Hugo Boss' Deep Red is the ultimate fall fragrance. It's just the perfect combination of fruity, sweet, vanilla, woody, and of course spicy. If I could only pick 1 fragrance for the fall time, this has to be it!

What is your favorite way to incorporate berry shades into your fall look?


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  1. I love wearing berry for fall, such a pretty colour! loving the items you have picked!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Sikke en masse lækre sager :)