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Remember that i told you guys last week that I was gonna try out a new brand of skincare? It's now been one week since I started using the three products from Satara so a little review is in order!
The products that I have been reviewing are all from the Natural Pearl range, in which all the products contain minerals from the Dead Sea, pearl powder, vitamin E, and aloe vera. All the products in the range has a very clean and fresh scent, but are still 100% natural and paraben free, which is a huge plus in my opinion!

First of all, I've been trying out their Facial Peeling Cream, which has to be one of the most effective scrubs I've ever tried! Maybe even too effective for my skin. This scrub is meant to be used for all skin types, however I personally believe that it is best for oily or blemished skin. If you have this type of skin, then this scrub is perfect for you! The consistency of the scrub is very creamy but with loads of tiny seeds that really scrubs your skin in depth.

The next product that I've tried out is the Serum Gel. Although I obviously cannot see any visible differences after only using it for one week, I really like this serum. The serum is not as light and runny as other serums I've tried out, but instead more smooth and creamy, and quite perfect for layering under your makeup because it gives great moisture, while still repairing and protecting the skin. According to Satara, this serum will after daily use leave your skin looking youthful and glowy, and also feel super firm. And apparently, the longer you've used it for, the better results you'll get. I'll report back to you later on whether this is true or not! (:

The product that I have probably enjoyed the most using is the Moisturizing Day Cream. This cream is very rich and hydrates your skin in depth, but compared to other rich moisturizers I've used in the past, this one actually is absorbed very quickly and doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy at all. Along with that, this cream has SPF which obviously is a big plus especially right now that summer has arrived, but I don't wanna spend too much time applying several layers of cream for sun protection. Definitely a must try if you're on the hunt for a good moisturizer!

Wanna try out any of Satara's products yourself? For the whole month of June you can save 10% on your order with the code CAMMI10!


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  1. the scrub sounds rather lovely! hope the products continue working well for you!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥