6. marts 2016

It’s time for a little recap of the first week of spring.

1. Well, I don’t know about where you live, but in Denmark it hasn’t exactly been the typical spring weather this week. Right now the snow is falling slowly from the sky… Not that I mind snow, but I’m kinda ready for some warmer weather to arrive.

2. Friday night my parents left for a week of skiing in Germany, so now I’m left with the house and three dogs to babysit. One of them isn’t our own, and he’s the biggest pain in the butt ever! I really deserve a medal if I make it through the week!

3. This week I’ve been doing a bunch of planning of posts for the next few weeks so that I can focus all my energy and time on Anna and exploring Boston and New York.

4. Along with some planning on the blog, I’ve also been working super hard on my thesis, and on Friday I had a meeting with my supervisor, who was very pleased with my proces thus far. So I’m pretty much ready for that US trip in just 8 days!

5. Today I spent a few hours working in our store, and ended up bringing a few sales items back home. Got two silver shampoos and two Essie polishes for the total price of $7!

What have you been up to this week?

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