Although I've spent the last four months of 2015 traveling and I've already booked my ticket to Boston in March, I still can't help myself from browsing on AirBnB for some inspiration. I love how AirBnB allows you to live like the locals, and also stay in unique homes beyond your imagination. Here are a few of the AirBnB's I saved on my wishlist:

1. Bethsaida Cottage 

Cosy one bedroom cottage between mountains and the sea.
Location: Cape Town, South Africa 
Price: $64/night 

2. Cabana Gaudi 

An artsy house with a panoramic view
Location: Florianopolis, Brasil
Price: $106/night 

3. Tower house 

House with a view in the middle of a little village in Tuscany
Location: Cetona, Italy
Price: $58/night 

4. Unique Cob Cottage 

A cozy retreat located on a lovely acreage with sheep, gardens, and orchards
Location: Mayne Island, Canada
Price: $104/night 

5. Cabana Floripa

Live in a piece of art surrounded by beautiful nature
Location: Florianopolis, Brasil
Price: $53/night 

6. French Quarter Mansion

French style mansion built in 1830
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana 
Price: $195/night 

Which one is your favorite? If you haven't signed up for AirBnB yet, why not use this link and save $25 on your next travel? 


Camilla is a 24-year-old Danish girl, currently based in Amsterdam. She travelled for the first time when she was 10 months old and went to the US, and since then she's been obsessed with travelling. Apart from travelling, she is also in love with the world of beauty, which she shares her passion for right here

2 kommentarer:

  1. Number 4 is soooo cute. Would love to stay somewhere like that.
    Leonie ♥ Lo On The Go
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  2. the cottage and the cabana are my fav! im from brazil yet ive never been to Floripa!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥