Although I've spent the last four months of 2015 traveling and I've already booked my ticket to Boston in March, I still can't help myself from browsing on AirBnB for some inspiration. I love how AirBnB allows you to live like the locals, and also stay in unique homes beyond your imagination. Here are a few of the AirBnB's I saved on my wishlist:

1. Bethsaida Cottage 

Cosy one bedroom cottage between mountains and the sea.
Location: Cape Town, South Africa 
Price: $64/night 

2. Cabana Gaudi 

An artsy house with a panoramic view
Location: Florianopolis, Brasil
Price: $106/night 

3. Tower house 

House with a view in the middle of a little village in Tuscany
Location: Cetona, Italy
Price: $58/night 

4. Unique Cob Cottage 

A cozy retreat located on a lovely acreage with sheep, gardens, and orchards
Location: Mayne Island, Canada
Price: $104/night 

5. Cabana Floripa

Live in a piece of art surrounded by beautiful nature
Location: Florianopolis, Brasil
Price: $53/night 

6. French Quarter Mansion

French style mansion built in 1830
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana 
Price: $195/night 

Which one is your favorite? If you haven't signed up for AirBnB yet, why not use this link and save $25 on your next travel? 


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2 kommentarer:

  1. Number 4 is soooo cute. Would love to stay somewhere like that.
    Leonie ♥ Lo On The Go
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  2. the cottage and the cabana are my fav! im from brazil yet ive never been to Floripa!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥