In today's post I thought that I would talk about some of the makeup products that I've purchased after having heard about it from a blogger or a youtuber. After having looked through my drawers I realized that actually almost a majority of the things I own are things that I've purchased after having read about them on a blog. So you can definitely expect more posts like these in the future.

There's no secret that Urban Decay's Naked palettes have been super hyped on blogs and Youtube. Bloggers have been loving them all for the endless combination possibilities and for their creamy and pigmented formulation. After having read multiple posts about the palettes, I finally decided to try them out last year. And I absolutely love them!

Benefit's Professional is without doubt a product that people highly disagree on. Some bloggers claim that it's the best primer on the market, while others hate it for it being silicone based. I personally love it. I love how it both is perfect as a base under my makeup, but that I also can use it on its own whenever I don't feel like wearing too much makeup, but I still want my skin to look flawless. 

I was actually gonna grab another Benefit product, the Hoola Bronzer for this post, but considering that pretty much all products from Benefit are very hyped, I decided to pick another bronzer, the Délice de Poudre bronzing powder from Bourjois. This bronzer is loved both for not being too redtoned and having the perfect pigmentation for a bronzer, but it is especially loved for smelling like chocolate. And I love it too! 

I don't believe that Baby Lips need a major introduction. Some bloggers love it, because it hydrates your lips, while adding a little bit of tint. Others feel that they dry out the lips rather than it hydrates them. Personally, I love Baby Lips and I have a huge collection of them by now. Baby Lips are perfect for me, because I struggle a lot with cold sores, which means that not many lipsticks work on me because they dry out my lips, which results in me getting cold sores. So whenever I want a little bit of color on my lips, but I also don't wanna ruin them, I reach out for my Baby Lips. 

Finally, a product that I decided to pick up in Hong Kong is the Fairy Drops mascara, which I had heard so much about, but never been able to find here in Denmark. Now, this one I have quite mixed feelings about. The brush and formulation of the mascara is very different from all my other mascaras, so it's not one that you should expect amazing results from the first time you use it. This mascara takes a lot of practice and loads of patience. But once you get used to it it'll give you the most beautiful, long Bambi lashes ever!

Which products did you buy after a having read about them on a blog? 


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  1. i got the nivea after shave balm and it really does work! haha
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Oh, the one that's suppose to be awesome as a primer? I haven't tried that out yet, but I'm quite sceptical :P