Hello everyone, how are you doing today? Celebrating Valentine's Day with your loved ones?

01. This week I've been super busy working on my Master's Thesis, and on Thursday I had my first meeting with my supervisor. He was very positive, but there's definitely a lot to work on this semester.

02. Today there's exactly one month till I'll be back in the US, and I simply can't wait to be back in my other home and reunited with my best friend.

03. My sugar addiction has gotten completely out of hand, so on Monday this week I decided to completely cut down on all sugar. Super tough, but I already feel so much better.

04. This week I met up with a friend of mine, who I met the first time when visiting Beijing in 2014. So great to catch up with a friend from home with whom I share the same interests.

05. Today's my little sister's 20th birthday, and we've been celebrating that the whole weekend with the family.

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day and that you've had a great week! 


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4 kommentarer:

  1. I wanna go to the US too! how exciting
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Well done on cutting down the sugar -it's so bloody hard to do! Especially after the holiday season. I bet you're counting down the days until your'e back in the US, I hope it goes in quick for you :) xx

    Baking Fashion

  3. Congrats for the decision to cut out the sugar! xx

  4. Ohh good luck on the no sugar! I did it last year and felt so much better, but am definitely struggling at the moment, I really should give it another go!

    Jasmin Charlotte