30. november 2015


On this last day of November, I thought I would publish the very first Christmassy post of the year. Personally I love these posts, because they just serve as the perfect inspiration for things you can either put on your own wishlist or give to your loved ones. Inspired by my travels this fall, I’ve found that there a certain things that you simply need in your life when travelling. The ideas above is a mix of things I own and love, and a few things from my own wishlist this year. I’ve just purchased the Instax Share polaroid printer as an early Christmas present from my parents, and I can’t wait to go cray with printing my favorite photos from my travels.

Are any of the things above on your wishlist this year? 



  1. Comment by Camilla

    Camilla Reply 1. december 2015 at 4:25

    Thank you! Lovely day to you too (:

  2. Comment by Camilla

    Camilla Reply 1. december 2015 at 4:27

    Haha, you're very welcome (:

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